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The red or blue pill?

The time has finally come to begin the journey down the rabbit hole.

In preparation for that journey, it is essential that we all have the same information and preparation for the trip, as it will be strange, weird at times and possibly chaotic. If we all hang in there, the destination will be well worth the trek.

To insure that there is as little confusion as possible, I am going to approach everything I report from MY perception and understanding. Trust nothing blindly, search and read for yourself,regardless of how convincing the data (and it will blow your socks off).

How many people can relate to sitting in church, bible study, conversations and have heard the same thing so many times; it oddly becomes a fact in your foundation of belief? Let me explain: for years I can remember hearing, and repeating, that “the Bible says…” Did I ever go and look at what the Bible actually says on the subject? No.

I blindly trusted the source telling me. I relayed the information and credited myself with an above average understanding and knowledge of scripture partially from some of that faulty information. I do not fault anyone for teaching or preaching anything. It is THEIR perception and belief. I find fault in myself or anyone else that doesn’t do the work and check the scriptures for themselves.

To ensure that everyone about to journey down the rabbit hole knows exactly what to expect along the way, I am going to present core findings and principals of myself, your tour guide.

To really understand the Bible, the prophecies of the Bible and where we are in these final days realize that EVERYTHING must be looked at, read and understood as it relates to Israel (descendants of Jacob). Additionally, appreciate that unless you are using the actual Hebrew holy texts or can read Aramaic, the closest version to the Hebrew writing is the King James version of the Bible.

If your’e ready to take rose-colored glasses off your tunnel visioned eyes, it’s time to get outside of your comfort zone. I am going to introduce a few thought-provoking discoveries that lead down the rabbit hole. This is only a brief introduction, as I will go into greater detail in future posts.

The story of the Exodus is a parallel to the story of Revelation. The plagues and timing (feast days) coincide with the judgements that occur during the tribulation and great tribulation. Did you catch the other bit of information?  There are 2 separate tribulation periods in the last days. Not 1 period of tribulation- there is the Tribulation followed by the Great Tribulation.

The ‘time of Jacob’s troubles’ referred to in prophecy is an actual timeline, not a reference to events. It is not possible for the time of Jacob’s trouble to occur within the recognized time period of the 7 years of the tribulations- Jacob’s troubles is a reference to an actual time period of 20 years.

Here are a few more tidbits: The USA’s rise and fall are in the Bible.  There is a distinct cyclic pattern to God’s behaviors. And Lastly the Bible and science do not actually contradict each other at all. Science has been proving the Bible more than they realize because of the point of view they maintain while researching and discovering.  I have found numerous examples.

So, do you still want to go down the rabbit hole? Once you start down the path, it doesn’t seem plausible that a change will  not occur within you. The choice is yours.

By the way the red or blue pill is a reference to the Matrix movies, just to clarify to the non-dorks




I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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