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How God speaks to me

It occurs to me that when I use the terms that either God told me something or that God showed me something; that I may in fact sound bonkers. Maybe it would help if I explained exactly how God talks to me, personally. I know the experience can be different for others; but here is how I hear from Him….

I don’t hear a detached voice in my head or anything like that. I’m not sitting down at the table having a verbal conversation with invisible God, seated to my right. I don’t have a conversation with God while also watching TV or talking to someone. No, he does not sound like George Burns or Morgan Freeman.

I’m a news junkie and research fanatic. Always have been, no idea why, except that I am very internal and cautious by nature. I don’t want to do or say something I can’t undo; so I try very hard to make sure I know what I’m saying or doing especially to others. So, it makes sense that God talks to me by showing me things in a way I would receive it most effectively.

I get an idea (inspiration), usually it’s God pressing something on my heart or mind to reveal something. We ALL get it; that ‘nagging feeling, instinct, gut feeling, intuition’ about something- hello, it’s God calling. Most dismiss it or it nags at them, but they don’t act on it. Example, I heard a minister once say that God will put someone/something on the minds/hearts of at least 1,000 people at a time just to get maybe 10 to actually pray and seek answer/information. In other words, God calls, but often gets voicemail.

With me, I will get that ‘inspiration” or thought that is completely out of no where and it gets me thinking in a new way/direction.  I follow the bread crumbs and God shows me what it is He is trying to reveal. I do the leg work. Also, it’s like when you do a free write exercise in which you simply start writing down what pops in your head for a set time period; unedited and uninhibited: thought bombs. I have been in the middle of housework, or a task,  and I will get this overwhelming feeling (almost dizzy and foggy at the same time) that makes me stop what I’m doing and sit down.

In that pause, I feel pressed to do a free write. By pressed I mean that feeling deep in the pit of your gut that is unavoidable; but in a good way. It’s like the night before Christmas morning or the first day of the school year- intense nervous excitement. I begin writing and just keep going until I get it out of my system. I often will go over something I wrote several times in the process to change the words. Scratch out, re write, over and over until the exact meaning is clear (not vague or ambiguous). I can literally only have one interpretation. Sometimes it makes no sense to me. I’m not even consciously aware of the words or meanings I’ve written; they just flow out of me.  In editing, I get to understand the message by first recognizing words/phrases I am personally familiar with until I find the exact words for the exact message; no misunderstanding. I have only had that happen a few times and it was literally overwhelming. I sat shaking and weeping for no known reason and felt wobbly for a few minutes and emotionally drained. I believe I felt the Holy Spirit in those moments and it was AMAZING.

When I’m on a bread crumb trail, I link from one thing to another until I go back looking at all the notes I took from random places,ect  until I have a spiral full of stuff. Then I will be nagged with certain things until I come across all the notes in a certain order- forming a picture/roadmap of what God is saying. Once I put pieces together and free write the basic outline and accumulated information into a pattern of thoughts and ideas; I get that same warming, overwhelming feeling as I compete the thought on paper. God uses the Holy Spirit to give me guidance and confirmation of His message.

A few times I have been watching the news, tv, a sitcom, a minister, a song….suddenly I feel like something washes over me and I fixate on a few words or concept I am hearing and it will confirm the breadcrumb trail I am following.  I can be talking to someone about the bread crumb trail or an idea that is nagging me and talking it through I will literally hear myself say the exact thing God was showing me. I confirm it verbally. I link things, ideas together in a new or unique way that is exactly what I was trying to understand. Talking about certain events/people in the Bible will actually sometimes fulfill a previous thought bomb- confirmation.

In writing this I realize that I actually never physically hear from God. I hear from Him internally, but not a voice. I have occasionally had dreams that I knew were spiritual, but more often than not, it is the Enemy tormenting me. Rarely has God used dreams to communicate with me, though it is often used with people as a way for Him to speak.

God always confirms what He is saying. God never acts without first warning. He is a strong and powerful God. He is a just and loving God.  Time is running out. God is pressing very strongly on the hearts of a lot of His people a sense of urgency.

Do not ever take anyone’s word as a solid fact. READ the Bible. Go to the source to confirm, learn and find answers. Things are changing rapidly, and things are going to continue to change. Our generation is on the precipice of extraordinary events with God. Be prepared. Do not simply follow blindly any teacher, preacher or pastor. There are A LOT of churches that house lost people. If your church isn’t preaching salvation, conviction of sin, end time prophesy; followed with a weekly alter call- change churches. There is not time for these false prophets to fail, so there followers seek other instruction. Trust God. Mankind is flawed, God is not.


I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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