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Facing my giants

I love America. I am heartbroken at the state of our once great nation. I believe this is the absolute greatest nation in the world, but I am obviously bias.

America has become a nation of wussies. Entire generations of spoiled, entitled sheep are now the loudest voices in the crowd. What the hell happened? The nuclear family is gone. Divorce, unwed mothers, welfare and kicking God out of every aspect of our lives possible have a great deal to do with the demise of this country.

When I was a child, it wasn’t great but I wouldn’t want to be a child today. Growing up we said the pledge of allegiance every morning in school and prayer was allowed in school. Yes there were bullies. Yes there were drugs. Yes there were teenage pregnancies- but none of them were glorified like a badge of honor.

Actually,if a kid was bullied and told their parent,teacher or sibling/friend usually that was all it took to resolve the situation. Calling a bully out and standing up to them robbed them of their power. Yes, I even got into a few fights during my school years.

In junior high school, I was bullied relentlessly by an older girl and her group of followers. It was awful. Finally, after talking to my Uncle about it, I followed his advice and stood up to her. I literally stood there, knees knocking, and called her out in front of everyone after lunch. I told her I wanted it to end once and for all and that I would fight her one on one the next morning before school. I reversed the power. I loudly pointed out that she wasn’t so tough or scary on her own and dared her to face me by herself, without her little goon squad.

The night before the fight, I was a wreck. I was on the phone with one of my best friends laying out the backup plan for the next morning. I intended to show up as planned to face my bully. Meanwhile, my friend would be going to the front office to get the principal to stop the fight. I pre-arranged for the calvary to come to my aid.








I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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