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America is on life-support

The first time that I was old enough to legally vote was in 1984. It was very exciting to me. I watched the debates, I read the news (back when print was still an option) and I immersed myself in understanding and intelligently choosing a candidate to gift my vote.

I voted for Reagan. The swell of pride and patriotism that stirred within me while listening to him speak about the country moved me.  The fact that he won the election made me feel like a part of something bigger than myself. I was hooked.

I am a VERY patriotic american. I still tear up during the Star Spangled Banner and if it’s played with fireworks; forget it- I’m gonna cry.  In truth, my emotion during the national anthem intensified when my oldest son joined the military and was then deployed to Iraq and later Afghanistan.  My youngest son soon followed after him and at one time both of my only children were living in a war zone. It was hard, but I love my country and felt pride in the service of my children. For the record, military families (especially parents) serve too; from home. Being a news junkie became an obsession while the boys were deployed. During the Bush administration, the news actually covered what was happening to our troops that were deployed. As a nation, we cared a lot more and wanted the information. For some families, it was the only way to find out anything about our soldiers because contact was so sparse.

Things changed in America, and sadly not for the best. Political correctness is among several top suspects responsible for the crime of destroying this nation. Complacency seems to be the ring leader in the destruction.  As a nation, we have become absolutely lazy when it comes to acting on our beliefs and principals. Social media has played a huge role in that process. Yes, I am aware of the irony that I am using social media to vent this complaint. There is literally no actual action involved in posting and re-posting little pics and blurbs on facebook, twitter,ect…. How many of those people are willing to actually put down the electronics and pick up the picket signs and physically participate in protesting the wrongs occurring daily? VERY FEW.

I used to make fun of conspiracy theorists. Now, I can actually see why they feel as they do about things. I follow the bread crumbs of information and have gone down the rabbit hole; so I get it.  I do however, have my limits. I still see the gray areas and how easily people fill in the blanks and draw their own conclusions, regardless of how ridiculous they become.

I have stopped watching mainstream media for any true news or information. CNN, MSNBC, NBC and others never truly hid their liberal leanings in the past, but now they don’t even try to disguise their bias. Fox News network used to be the closest thing to fair news, but that was past. To me, Fox is even worse than the above mentioned because they tout themselves as being conservative, while pushing their own agenda and worse has become an onslaught of various one hour shows that are no more than opinionated information. Adding insult to injury, Fox’s owners support several liberal agendas while still putting on the guise of being conservative, including open borders. Fox is now an instrument that will ultimately fracture the conservative movement in this country.

Remember when Trump was being harassed because he was considering splitting off to be an independent candidate if the GOP didn’t support him? He publicaly proclaims his commitment to the Republican party and is then systematically attacked by the very conservative establishment that wanted his loyalty. WTF? Why? Because he is NOT part of the establishment. Politics are corrupt. Government is corrupt. Those in power, want to keep their power. Power is acquired through political influence and manipulation. The longer a person stays in a political position or climbs in the political field; the more powerful they become. In the climb to election, favors and deals are made to get the financial backing for their campaigns; those favors are owed. A string is now attached to the puppet masters who are in ultimate power.

Senators and Representatives literally decide and vote to give themselves raises in their income. They monitor themselves. The people they are supposed to represent get no say in the matter. No term limits exist for Congress members, thus there are people that have literally been in politics for decades in the same position and more powerful than ever before in history. This nation was not intended to be run as a monarchy. Our founding fathers intentionally fought against that type of rule.  However, we have political dynasty families that have gained unsurmounted power in American politics.

Currently there is a self-proclaimed socialist seeking the presidency. There are several Senators that are first time Senators. Have we learned nothing from the mistake of putting a first time Senator as President? Anyone rising that fast and that far in the political system owes alot of people. Additionally, 2 dynasty families are trying to retain their political power- NO MORE!

Jimmy Carter was an outsider to Washington. He was an unknown peanut farmer. Reagan was an outsider to Washington politics. He was also a governor,  like Carter, and had been an actor. They had not spent years in the political system. Two different outcomes from two different outsiders. Carter was not a strong leader. Reagan became an icon to conservatives. An outsider or anti-establishment politician is often exactly the fresh breath of air our nation needs to be revived.

Ben Carson, is a very intelligent and soft spoken man. Carly Fiorina came from a background of business and climbed her way up the ladder to reach her position. Trump is a very successful businessman. He is not easily controlled or manipulated, which is creating misery for the establishment. Trump is brash, often crude and has tapped into an underlying anger in this country which is the basis for his success. The question is, will the GOP continue to tear-down and topple these candidates.

The GOP is more damaging to conservatives than any liberal contender. If the Republican party stays on their current course of trying to destroy their front-runner; people will simply get fed up and not vote at all in the election.  The system is rigged enough, without one of the parties literally splintering itself, which will ensure a Democratic win for Presidency.

WE THE PEOPLE need to be heard. We need to stand up against the tyranny of a federal government which has grown out of control and the corrupt political systems that dictate our lives. America is on life-support. Will we pull the plug or revive this nation?








I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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