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What is a tweenior?

The phrase ‘tween’ has widely been accepted to describe the age of a young person that is no longer a child, but not quite a teenager. Essentially, it means that they are between two known age groups.

My husband and I both realize that even though we are officially 50 and older, we don’t feel, act, think like a middle-ager, but we aren’t ready to be hanging with senior citizens. We too are between known age groups. We are older adults that are not close to being seniors. Tweeniors.

I can do alot of physical activities, but my body will usually punish me for the choices. I enjoy modern music, comedy, cannibus (which helps with the physical activities) and life in general. I also still appreciate the simplicity of nature, the outdoors and unplugging for a while. I am an analogue person living in a digital world…..I make it work.

I will jam out to Imagine Dragons over my stereo, but refuse to dress like someone in denial of their true age. There is balance. I think I’ve found it.




I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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