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Truths of the Watchman


I am an evangelical Christian, a constitutionalist, three percenter, patriot and conservative. I pray. I own guns. I LOVE my country. I want to see the nation I grew up in grown strong again. I don’t consider myself Republican or Democrat; I’m just pissed off at all of them equally.

The corruption, manipulation and over-reach of the federal government has alot to do with the decline of our nation, our culture, our security, our freedoms, our economy and our lives.  I am NOT a conspiracy theorist, though I do see and appreciate where the conspirist begins the thought process. I have followed the breadcrumbs down the rabbit hole.  Unlike a conspiracy theorist, I know where the journey ends. I draw the line at going beyond solid, provable facts and evidence.

More importantly, I am a Watchman. I see things going on, I read and research the news and events that others never pursue because it isn’t on mainstream media. I will then report my findings to those who want to know the truth.

It is the free will of every human being to choose for themselves what to do with the information a Watchman presents.

Change is coming…..


I am a charismatic christian,constitutional conservative and proud American.

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